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Mending Monday - Leather Bag handle repair

Posted by Yvette Bessels on

I bought this really cute vintage leather bag only last week at a car boot sale. It was already quite late in the morning but this bag was still there. Reason probably being that the handle was broken! The little leather loop holding the handle to the bag body had split right through.


The leather being quite thick, and the loop being quite tight, there was not really any space available to do any stitching on it - and it would have weakened the leather further. Instead, I opted for a repair with leather glue.

What you'll need is a leather adhesive - I used Glu & Fix extra strong leather adhesive which I think I bought at the John Lewis (but maybe via Amazon), a pair of scissors and a scrap bit of thin leather in a similar colour to your project.

Cut a small strip from the leather and glue it to the existing leather loop, leaving a bit to stick over. Then, put glue on the bit that's sticking over and leave it to dry for a few minutes (according to the directions on the glue package), put the handle back in place and loop the leather around the handle. Try to push the leather far enough inside the loop so the ends of the original leather meet up.

Put a bit of scrap leather or some cloth on the sides and clip in place with washing pins or bull clips and leave to cure overnight. The reason you are putting cloth or leather in between your clips and the leather repair is so the clips won't leave indentations in the leather on your bag. Your handle will be (almost) as strong as before and it won't be an obvious repair.

So next time you have a favourite bag that needs a little bit of work - consider making a simple repair and extend it's use for years to come!

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