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Victorian double decanter, vintage musical travel bottle 'How Dry I am'

  • $000 CAD

A good looking Victorian double decanter, perfect to take on short day trips such as hiking, boating or a picnic. The brass casing has plenty of marks of use as do the original caps. It includes discolouring overall and a dent to one of the caps. The brass finials are a slight loose and prone to sitting crooked (can be wiggled straight). The corks are in reasonable condition; one with a split, the other with small losses and some light coloured discoloration.
The bottles itself will need a clean before use but are whole without damages. The glass can be dated to 1880-1900 by the side seam, which goes all the way up the side and neck, but not through the lip. The bottles are beautiful old wavy glass with a few small air bubbles and iridescent patches. The marks underneath are an 'A with horseshoe', 'Reg Trad Mark' and a 'W'.
The musical element on the bottom winds easily and plays well, yet on the slow side. The handle is strong and can fold down for ease of storage. Both bottles can be taken out of the carrier with ease for cleaning, filling and pouring drinks.
Size: 1 ft (12 inches) tall without the handle, 14-1/8 inches tall with the handle. 8 inches wide x 4 inches deep
Weight: just over 4 kg

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