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Antique camera No 2C Autographic kodak Jr vintage bellows camera

  • $14500 CAD

Another classic folding bellows camera by Kodak dating post-1916- this one is the No 2C Autographic Kodak Jr., model A. The autographic cameras would come with a small stylus (missing) so you would be able to make small notes directly pressed into your film by lifting the section in the back. You could note camera settings, locations, subjects etc. You would use a specially made film rolls for this - and it wouldn't work with normal modern photographic film. Originally this camera would have taken A-130 film, but can be made serviceable as a 'regular ' camera for modern photographic film by using 120 film roll supports you can easily make yourself from cardboard.


In good condition with marks of age and use and some of the leatherette lifting on edges (can be glued down). The shutter works well. The lens with some dust. The bellows look clean and strong.

SIZE 8-3/4" long by 4 3/8" wide.


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