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Antique Chinese wood panel, Crane and gourd wood carving

  • $22000 CAD

An old, old antique Chinese carved wood panel with a crane and gourd. The crane (symbol of longevity) looks to be picking up the gourd by the leaf (gourds were said to contain the elixir of immortality). The gourd is also popular as a charm to ward off evil spirits and disease. The original polychome colouring lingers in numerous places and mostly the red and gold is left with a tiny touch of green in the creases of the feathers. The surface is attractively worn with numerous age-related cracks. The plaque has a few tiny bits of nail sticking out of the back so I would assume it was nailed onto something like a wall, panel or piece of furniture - it now has a small hook on the back to hang it onto the wall.
Condition: Loss of paint, cracks
Size: 9-1/2 inches diameter
weight: 290 grams

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