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Art Deco girl doll bottle stopper

  • $7500 CAD

A real doll! This bottle stopper has all the looks and charms of a little flapper girl, with the 1930s hairstyle in silver (!) and the innocent baby doe eyes. She looks to have been made from pressed and painted cork on the head and body (one piece) with separately moulded arms attached through the shoulders with a rod. The arms can move and be positioned individually. She may have originated on top of a bottle of bubble bath in the 1930s or 1940s
Condition: overall pretty good - the paint is charmingly chippy and even though she looks to be missing her left hand index finger, the gap is painted in the same skin colour as the rest of the arm - so it was possibly a production error or she was overpainted. There are 2 little pinholes on her back and a little glue remains to her belly.
Overall, she is a sweet and unusual little charmer.
Size: cork 1 inch tall, 7/8 inch diameter
doll: 3-3/4 inches tall

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