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Vintage Peccary leather mens gloves size 8

  • $17500 CAD

A pair of black peccary leather mens gloves, perfect for everyday use, dating ca 1950s - 1970s. Marked 'Louis Fischl, Genuine Peccary, Made in Canada', they look to be a size 8. They are 4 inches wide measured across the palm, the index finger is 2-3/4 inches long. In great condition with minimal signs of wear, to the tops of the fingertips. These gloves are unlined, the inside is the suede side of the leather.

"Peccary leather is the worlds rarest and most luxurious gloving leather, originating from wild hogs in South America. Unlike regular kidskin or a lamb nappa leather, peccary leather has three little prongs that are very characteristic and you won’t find them in any other leather. Some people can confuse it with hog skin or pig skin but peccary is a lot more expensive and it’s also much softer and at the same time, extremely durable. Because of that, it’s considered to be the very best glove leather that you can find on the market today."


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