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Will I receive the item pictured?

Yes! We take photographs of all items individually, and will not re-use old photos. Beware that colours may be seen differently depending on screen settings. Please ask questions before purchasing if you have any concerns regarding colour, condition or suitability for use.


Will my item come from a smoke-free and pet-free environment? 


Neither of us smoke, but we have a dog; a 3 legged beagle called Titus.
He is not allowed in any of our storage areas but please be aware of this if you have (severe) allergies. Having said that, all of our items have had previous homes where there may have been smokers / cats / dogs / birds etc. If any of this is clearly noticeable on an item, it will be part of the item's condition description.



Do you have/ ever get....(fill out item here)? 

I might! Please do not be afraid to ask - I try to keep up to speed with my findings but things do sometimes run away from me and I may have *just* what you are looking for in my storage room somewhere, and I am always happy to keep an eye out during my scavenging hunts.



Do you buy stuff?

I do buy stuff, otherwise I would not have stuff to sell! I tend to buy from people in person more than online, and more in volume than individual items. If you do think you have something amazing and unique that you'd like for me to consider, just send me an e-mail with a photo, a short description and how much you'd like for the item and I'll be happy to tell you yea or nea. You can reach me at



This is our little 3-legged pack mate: Titus. Ace sniffer, 'assistant' and overall good boy. Our home is pet-friendly and non-smoking.