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1940s handmade crochet tablerunners, crochet bedspread project 'Nocturne'

  • $6500 CAD

This listing includes 3 long pieces of crochet, a couple balls of cotton and crochet hooks (3) and a pattern book: 'Bedspreads' no 186, dating 1942. The crochet pieces would be great as table runners or to use in your own diy project such as a cushion cover or fashion top / dress - or why not try to finish the bedspread that someone started to make all these years ago?
This project came from a recent estate sale - there were 3 long pieces of crochet work done, a pattern book (the page marked for the pattern ' Nocturne', 2 full balls of Clover crochet cotton (800 yards) and some remains of balls plus 3 crochet needles. There was a note inserted stating "worked on this cloth while working for a Mr Livingstone between 1939-1941. Signed M.B." The magazine dates from 1942 so that may have been a later addition to the 'collection'.
1: Good, no stains, some stars in off-colour white, 4 stars wide, 21 stars long (14 - 15 inch wide , 92 inch long)
2: 2 tiny stains, 3 stars wide, 25 stars long (10 inches wide, 110 inches long)
3: 2 tiny stains,  3 stars wide, 24 stars long (10 inches wide, 96 inches long)
All crochet pieces with loose threads to the back. The pattern book folded twice, the crochet hooks and cotton in good order.

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