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1950s Sunbeam drillmaster model 180 3/8" RD 1955

  • $8000 CAD

A hand drill has no business being this good looking! An iconic all-metal corded drill, this 1950s' Sunbeam Drillmaster surely looks the part. This is model number 180 3/8" RD 1955 and it was meant for domestic use. Quite heavy and sturdy, it's tested and working. It does release a slightly typical metallic smell when working.
Condition: working, with some paint to the side. The front will need a bit of a clean (caked on sawdust). The cord is fully intact without damage. It comes with a drill locking key.
Size: about 9 inches long, the cord is  71 inches long (almost 6 ft)
It weighs nearly 4 lbs / almost 1.8 kg

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