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Annie Laurie style Seagull decoupage box bag, beach theme bag

  • $13500 CAD

A wonderful decoupage box bag, this one completely covered in beach theme imagery with dunes, stilt walkers, seagulls foraging and soaring seagulls in a stunning turquoise sky. Most of the seagulls have been embossed and stand proud of the surface by a fair margin. It has 4 little brass feet, a brass clasp to the front and a faux mother of pearl twisted lucite handle. The inside has been clad in a turquoise velvet and even though the finish around the edges looks *just* like Annie Laurie bags, this one does not bear her label. 

Condition: On the outside with some signs of age and use, most notably some nibbling and bruising around the edges. The front clasp works well. The handle is in great shape. The little feet are all present and sturdy.  On the inside with staining to the fabric, most notably on the bottom. An insert could be made fairly easily to cover this. A few small stains on the sides, and in the lid. 

Size: 8-3/4 x 5-1/2 x 5-3/4 inches (without the handle)

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