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Antique advertising vesta, pocket match safe Mitchell & Mitchell Hatters Chicago

  • $9500 CAD

An antique advertising vesta or pocket match safe for Mitchell and Mitchell, Hatters, Chicago. It lists their 4 locations on Adams St, Dearborn St, Clark St and Madison St. Made from a base metal, and judging from the style, this item dates ca 1920-1930's. The item is in overall good strong condition with marks of metal deterioration (inactive rust) on the inside and outside. I have not attempted to clean this up as whomever will own it next may prefer its original condition.

"Match holders, also known as match safes or vesta cases, date to the mid-19th century, when friction matches were first introduced. The golden age of match safes was around 1870 until the 1930s."


2-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches

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