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Antique bellow camera, vintage view camera by Burke and Jones, US field camera

  • $000 CAD

An old wooden View Camera by B & J (Burke and James) of Chicago, USA. This vintage bellows camera will allow you to take photos up to 4-1/2 x 6-3/4 inches. I have used this camera myself for wet plate collodion work and I can confirm that the red bellows are light tight. I have made a few small adjustments so the screws could be tightened further and all hold the respective plates in place well. The only exception being the rail which is temperamental on its lock, so if you like to shoot 'down' a lot, this might not work for you. The viewing plate on the back is quite tightly sprung, which, if operated carelessly, may cause camera movement. To change between horizontal and vertical shooting, simply take the back off and rotate. It can be mounted onto a standard tripod head. The lens plate had a ball shutter mounted to it, which was rotten away so I removed it.
There is no lens included, but I will include two 5x7 cut film holders by Alkon to get you started. I used different holders myself, but they look to be the exact right size and fit snugly in the recess.
"Burke & James Inc. of Chicago was a camera manufacturer and importer of cameras and lenses. The company was established in 1897 by founders Henry Burke and David James. Products were sold via store front as well as mail order. It designed and manufactured view cameras, fingerprint cameras, portrait cameras, cine cameras, graphic arts equipment, lenses, darkroom sinks and other things."
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