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Antique art nouveau silver overlay green glass Vancouver perfume bottle or ink bottle

  • $9500 CAD

A very sweet antique silver overlay green glass perfume bottle, or ink bottle, dating ca 1890-1910's (the art nouveau period). The lines of the silver overlay with those typical whiplash curves - one side has 'Vancouver' on it, the other side a 'sterling' mark and space where one could have had a monogram. This one is empty.

The glass is in good condition without cracks or breaks, as is the silver overlay. The stopper (wood and leather) is not original to this piece, but fits perfectly snug and suits the whole look well, making it a little more masculine.

This would be a great present for someone to use, or for a beginning collector.

I have left the silver overlay mostly unpolished as I felt it would suit the overall look better. Please let me know if you prefer to receive it polished, I'll happily shine it up for you.

Size: 2" diameter, 2-3/4" tall

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