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Art Deco Birks diamond gold engagement ring

  • $1,10000 CAD

A stunning art deco engagement ring by Birks, it has the geometric shapes so evocative of the 1920s and 1930s. Perfect for a modern bride!

The band was made using two types of gold of 14K and 18K, a yellow gold and a rose gold. Most of the detailing on top has been made using the rose gold, where the slim 2mm band, going into a dainty 1 mm on the bottom is made using the yellow gold. The band is a size 6 or between and L and an M.

The central placed diamond is 3mm in diameter and looks quite clear and bright. Diamond chips have been set on each shoulder.

The band has been marked 'Birks Ellis R' The 'B' in a horseshoe, a pear shape and '14-18K'. Birks is a Canadian jewellery company which was established in the late 1870s and was a dominant jeweller through the mid 20th century.

This item ships free in Canada and the USA. It will be sent in a small Birks box (ring box pictured is not included)


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