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Art deco decanter, vintage musical travel bottle 'How Dry I am'

  • $5500 CAD

A good looking art deco decanter, exact age unknown, most likely between 1930s and 1940s. Perfect to take on short day trips such as hiking, boating or a picnic. The brass casing has plenty of marks of use as does the original cap. It includes discolouring and a dent on the lowest rim. The brass finial is a slight loose and prone to sitting crooked (can be wiggled straight). The cork is in remarkably good condition. The bottle itself with losses to it's applied squiggly paint pattern. The inside of the bottle will need a clean before use. The musical element on the bottom winds easily and plays well. The handle is strong and can fold down for ease of storage. Beware the bottle cannot be removed from this casing without damaging the case.

Size: 1 ft tall without the handle, 15.5 inches tall with the handle. 4-1/4 inches diameter on the bottom. 

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