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Art Deco picture frame, 1920s wooden frame

  • $000 CAD

A romantic swivel- or tilt frame, this art deco picture frame has been made from wood and has been painted silvery-grey. It has a few understated little details that make it pretty without being too plain or overbearing. The mid-section 'tilts' or 'swings' from 2 little screws in the sides, and allow for the picture to be tilted at an upwards or downward angle. The current vintage photo portrait it holds is of a man in his late 30's or 40's and hand signed in blue ink "To Kathleen with love from Vince, Jan 6 / 24". The image was made by the Rembrandt Studio on Yonge Street, Toronto. The image is back with a sturdy brown board and a few nails to keep it in place.
Should you not like to keep Vince on your dressing table, you could consider replacing him with another image, a mirror, or some gauze / wire to make this frame into a practical and stunning jewelry organizer.
Condition: Good with a few chips / losses of paint. The glass front is whole.
Total size is 9.5 inches wide x 10-3/4 inches tall x 2-1/4 inches deep.
It takes images of max 6 x 9 inches
Weight: 400 grams

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