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Art nouveau pendant, antique lavaliere 10K / 10 carat gold pendant, dangle pendant /w saffire + pearl, belle epoque vintage jewelry pendant

  • $19800 CAD

A gorgeous gold art nouveau pendant with a small saffire and dangling seed pearl. An antique lavaliere gold pendant, very much 'of the period' but it remains classy to this day. An excellent gift choice for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. There is a stamp / signature on the back but it is too worn to be read. The item acid tests for 10K gold.


There looks to be a small bit missing (as there is a tiny bit of metal sticking upwards - it may have held a seed pearl or small stone). It is not distracting however, I only noticed it upon close inspection and could be easily removed by a jeweler.

Please note that the chain is not included in this sale - you will receive the pendant only.


4.5 cm long in total, 1.2 cm wide at the widest point

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