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Beaded flapper purse, antique beaded handbag with beetle or bug pattern

  • $7000 CAD

This bag must have looked quite wonderful in it's day! The little beads in patterns that remind us of the colourful wings of beetles have been hand stitched to a fine black gauze netting and has been backed with a taupe coloured silk. The top was set with a clasp and voila! Your party purse was ready to go.

In present day however, this little beauty has shed more than a few beads and continues to shed them. The silk backing is frayed. The top clasp has been replaced. This would be a great piece for anyone with an interest in fashion and costume history - and a great piece to conserve or repair. Alternatively, the little beads, or parts of the pattern could be used in other projects.
Please note that in it's current condition this is NOT a useable purse.
Size: 8.5 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide.

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