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Bedtime prayer cross stitch, framed embroidery

  • $000 CAD

A sweet framed embroidery picture of the bedtime prayer 'Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep....' The corners have been decorated with flowers and there are 5 children with their kitten and puppy in the lower corners. Wonderful for the (kids) bedroom or nursery, or to give as a housewarming gift. Signed on the back 'To Carol Ann from Auntie Ruby, Christmas 1951.' I know it's the wrong era, but I'm having serious 'Poltergeist' flashbacks from this.
In good condition, the frame is sturdy with some scuff marks along the edges (see images).
Size: 22-1/8 x 14-1/4 inches
Weight: just over 1.4 kg

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