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Blue glass decanter

  • $3500 CAD

A pretty bright blue glass decanter. The sides slightly ribbed and with the original glass stopper. The surface looks 'oily' as in: with varying shades of green blue and purple, depending on how the light hits it. With slight staining to the outside (not sure if that is intentional) and small losses of the coloured surface, especially one spot on the shoulder of the bottle. A fleabite to the rim. The stopper has a hole in it - which looks to be the way its made. This bottle would be best put to use on a bar cart as a decanter for stronger liquors or why not have it as a dining table centre piece, just where the sun will hit it?
Size: 10-1/4 inches tall, including the stopper. Holds ca 600 ml liquid
Weight: 510 grams

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