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Colourtronic 810 daylite processor, colour print developing tank, vintage darkroom

  • $3500 CAD

The colortronic 810 daylite processor can be used to develop sheet film up the 8 x 10" - orginally meant as a colour print developing tank, no doubt it can also handle black and white prints. It looks to be in good condition with the original box. The end caps can both be removed for easy cleaning. One cap is used for chemicals in, the other for out. A good piece of vintage darkroom equipment that will stand the tests of time.

The Colourtronic Daylite Drum has a one-way flow design - fill at one end, drain out of the other end. Reduces contamination of next solution by draining spent chemicals more completely. Reduces time required per fill and drain cycle by 10 to 15 seconds. It floats level so it can be used in a temperature controlled bath.

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