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Copper nesting bowls by Coppercraft Guild, set of 3 graduated mixing bowls, batter bowls, serving dishes, salad bowls, copper planters

  • $6500 CAD

A set of 3 graduated copper bowls, by the Coppercraft Guild who made their wares between 1973 and 1978. Their little CG logo has been stamped in each piece. The bowls sit comfortambly within one another. The larger two have their hanging rings, the smaller lost it along the way. All of them with sticker residue on the outside and tarnishing on the inside. The largest looks to have been cleaned out and is a slightly different shade than the other 2.

Cleaned up, they would be great for use in the kitchen, or alternatively, they could be easily used as attractive planters.

L: 8 inch diameter, 4 inch tall
M: 7 inch diameter, 3.5 inch tall
S: 6 inch diameter, 3 inch tall

weight: 1.2 kg

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