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No 2C pocket Kodak vintage bellows camera

  • $15000 CAD

This no 2C Pocket Kodak vintage bellows camera really looks the part! It is in full black with black bellows and a black lens surround and would go well as a smart piece of home decor, or even as a working camera. Made in Rochester around or after 1926, the whole front lifts off to reveal the film housing compartment with a system very similar to the 1916 Premo. It looks in good shape with only a few cosmetic scuffs here and there. The bellows are intact and fold well. The shutter looks to be working well, but won't hold the 1/100th sec speed for longer than 2-3 shots before slipping to 'T'. The lens with some dust. It's lovely to see a camera like this intact with its stylus (mounted to the front). Originally this camera would have taken A130 film, but might be made serviceable for modern photographic film by a clever hacker. SIZE 8-3/4 inches tall, 3-7/8 inches wide

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