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Edwardian collars box, cufflinks or dog collar box, unique storage box, celluloid box

  • $9000 CAD

An Edwardian box for Cuffs and Collars in an ivory tone celluloid. During the Victorian period, detachable starched collars and cuffs were very fashionable and exorbitantly expensive to replace. Men would keep them save in specially dedicated boxes - from Ivory if they were wealthy - from wood, leather or celluloid if they were less endowed. The actual celluloid on this box is only a thin layer over a board base and it has been pressed to wondrous effect. The top with swirling embossed lettering 'Collars and Cuffs', the sides with star and striped patterns. The lid has been attached with a double hinge and the front shuts with an ornamental clasp. The inside of the box has been lined in a powder baby blue and has the larger ring for collars and the smaller for cuffs. A modern use for one of these boxes would be belts and cufflinks for the gentleman of the house, or dog collars and tags / bags / treats to take a special place in the hallway. Marked underneath for September 1904.
Condition: In good condition, considering its age. with signs of wear and age on the outside, with numerous small losses to the ivory toned top layer, on the top and a large spot near the clasp. The inside lining with some discoloration and tearing to the paper on the middle section, toward the left side rear. The hinges and clasp work well and the box is attractive and fully functioning.
Size: 7 inch diameter, 5-3/4 inches tall
weight: 500 grams

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