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Filigree gilt wedding casket, gold plated wire jewelry box, gold casket, Portugese filigree trinket box, double ring box, ringbearer box

  • $25000 CAD

An unusual filigree gilt wedding casket, this gold plated wire jewelry box looks a little like a medieval treasure chest and is double hinged at the top. It closes securely by pushing a gold toned bar through a set of loops. The lid has been decorated with hearts and the side with (family) trees. The gold casket most likely originates from Portugal where gilt filigree work is quite traditionally made. The bottom has been marked C U. Brilliant for wedding as a double ring box as the handles make the ring bearer's job simple.

Condition: Good with some tarnishing to the metal. The lining has been custom made by myself and is easily removable.

Size: 3-5/8" wide x 2" deep x 2" tall (without the handles)

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