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French opera glasses, theatre binoculars in leather case, steampunk Victoriana

  • $12000 CAD

Nice pair of French opera binoculars covered in a crocodile or alligator -print embossed leather dating ca 1920-1930s. The mechanism still works very well and the glass looks quite clean, with only a teeny bit of damage along 1 rim. The leather coverings are all there and look like new. They are identical to the outer box. The white metal parts are all quite clean with only a few specks of deterioration. The blackened parts show only minor signs of wear. Inscribed: Made in France.Overall, these glasses are in great shape!
The box is a great touch to this set. The closure on the front works well and the teal blue lining colours beautifully against the brown leather. The lining is showing signs of wear and there are 2 small tears on the front, next to the closure, there is wear to the leather on the edges and corners and a crack starting to appear on the left hand fold. The top carrying handle is missing. The condition of the box explains why the glasses are still in such great shape!

These glasses are still useable today, they would make a great addition to any steampunk / Victorian related collection or outfit. Pop them in your handbag for a night out to the theatre, opera or concert hall.

Size of the box: 10.2 x 4.5 x 6 cm

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