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Antique CDV of Ida Rock, May Branson, Geraldine McCann by Newsboy

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An antique CDV (carte de visite) of Ida Rock, Mae (May) Branson, Geraldine McCann; three vaudeville theatre or burlesque performers. It has been pasted to 'Newsboy, New York' card stock. Newsboy was a brand of plug tobacco and Newsboy photographs were given away as a premium by tobacconists and drug stores who sold the tobacco. The images were produced by the National Tobacco Works of New York. They were likely produced and issued in the early 1890’s. It is still attractive despite fading. It has spent some time in a frame or mat, judging from the discoloration on the edges and framing tape to the back.
"The National Police Gazette (1892) reports the bathing exploits of four actresses at Long Brauch. The article was written in poetry form and the verses included the following lines: “and in the surf she daily dips in jaunty bathing dress; That fits her like a glovelet – not an inch the more or less”. The actresses described were Minnie Seligman, Geraldine McCann, Della Fox, and Mae Branson."
"The New York Times (1895) had complimentary comments about McCann’s dancing ability in their review of “a new musical travesty” called “A Stag Party“.  Geraldine McCann also played roles in early motion pictures. She appeared in “The Cabaret Singer” (1913),” Out of the Grave” (1913), “When Duty Calls” (1913), “Girls Will Be Boys” (1913) and “Fine Feathers” (1915)"
You will receive this original black and white portrait photo, not a download and not a reproduction.
Size: 6.5 x 4-1/4 inches

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