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Hand made king size quilt in blue and yellow

  • $40000 CAD

A king size blue and yellow quilt in the vintage barn raising pattern - a huge diamond made up of 'fat squares'. The diamond has been bordered and edged. All stitching looks to have been done by hand. In the over stitching it is obvious it was done by hand, the stitching of the squares took closer inspection to confirm hand work. It is so neatly done! This vintage throw blanket would have taken a LOT of love and a LOT of time to create as not only is it fully hand made, it is HUGE. King size huge! Big enough for most bed and / or a sofa! There is wadding sandwiched between the colourful top and blue flowery underside. Dates most likely ca 1980-1990s

There are a few loose threads (easily fixed) and several small or faint stains. I have attempted to picture most of the obvious ones, but I am certain that there were more. I have not attempted to wash or dry clean this item, so some *may* come out - but beware that washing this item will increase chances of more stitches loosening.

King size: 89 x 107 inches or 227 x 272 cm

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