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Handmade abstract bowls, signed art pottery bowls, succulent planters

  • $4800 CAD

A set of 2 handmade abstract bowls, both signed 'Clay Salesman'. The design has a limited colour palette in blue and blacks and each bowl has a slightly different design to the front. They are quite round in shape with a few handpulled outward dents and a small rimmed foot. In good condition apart from 1 small chip on the rim of 1 bowl and a few little spots where the glazing had a small bubble when firing, leaving a slight gap. Any other colour differences shown in the photos (especially on the outside of the bowl) are not damage, but reflections. As I don't know what glazing mix was used for making these bowls, I would not recommend using them for food. They would, however, make great art objects, pen holders, key trays or succulent planters.
Size: ca 5 inches diameter, ca 4-1/4 inches tall
weight: 690 grams

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