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Handmade glass bead necklace, Italian wedding cake beads, Fiorato lamp work beads

  • $000 CAD

A handmade glass bead necklace, the Italian wedding cake beads or Fiorato lamp work beads in a white, overlaid with shimmering copper and detailed in pink, blue and red. A delicious yet fairly subtle colour palette, possibly by Murano. The beads are clearly all handmade. I have found a hole in one of the larger ones and one in a small even white one (production errors) and found 1 silver bead spacer missing (forgotten?). The beads have been spaced with square bars and connector rings, as well as silver coloured metal balls on each side of the glass beads. It has a twist closure at the back. Size: 28.5 inches long. The glass beads are ca 5/8 inch diameter. weight: 60 grams
"The lamp-work method is the most time-consuming method of glass bead-making, as each bead must be formed individually. Using a torch for heat, glass rods and tubes are heated to a molten state and wrapped around a metal rod until the desired shape is achieved. Several layers of different coloured glass, as well as gold and silver leaf, are used to produce the desired effect. After the bead is slowly cooled, it is removed from the rod, resulting in a hole for eventual stringing as jewelry."

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