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Horrible Horoscope Aquarius trading card no. 1

  • $800 CAD

A single card for the collectible series of Horrible Horoscope. Great as a little gag gift. In good condition, some cards with some slight discoloration due to ageing of the paper stock. SIZE 2.5 x 3.5 inches // 6.4 x 9 cm

This card ships free in Canada and the USA


"Philadelphia Gum released their Horrible Horoscopes cards in 1972. There were 72 numbered cards in the set. The card fronts feature a piece of colored line artwork. At the top is the set name and the name of a particular astrological symbol, with a small graphic of the astrology sign at top right. At the bottom is a suggestion (such as ‘Take an Ocean Trip’) and a time of the year in which this should be undertaken. The card backs contain an illustrated piece of knowledge or advice for the given user, again with a ‘To: __________’ line as if the card is to be addressed to a specific person. At the bottom the set title is given again, along with the card number at the bottom right."