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Kirin pendant, Chinese mythology talisman, silver Qilin charm chinese unicorn

  • $9800 CAD

A kind of cute Kirin or Qilin pendant - this is a mythical hooved chimerical creature from Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. It is a good omen thought to cause prosperity or serenity. The Qilin is the highest ranked of creatures in the military courthouse. It symbolizes success, power and promotion. It is sometimes known as the 'Chinese unicorn'
No marks but acid tested for silver. This could also mean the piece is silver plated. It is hollow and fairly light weight. It tilts slightly forwards on it's bale when hanging on a chain.
Size: 3.6 cm long x 3.5 cm high x 2 cm wide

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