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Large pewter tankard, hand made rustic ice bucket, metal salvage planter, tramp art beer stein, early pewter measure, spittoon

  • $000 CAD

A VERY large pewter tankard or tramp art beer stein, this metal pot would be amazing as a rustic ice bucket or a metal salvage planter - as I would not recommend putting any actual food or drink in here! The body is most likely a pewter and has been repaired on the bottom. The handle and rivets look to be copper. It has a nice waisted shape and small filed out details to the top rim. Most likely either an early pewter measure (american pewter) or a nice piece of tramp art.

Condition: rustic :-) it's dusty and has a repair to the bottom. I did not clean this item on purpose.

Size: 8 inches diameter on the bottom, 6-1/2 inches diameter on top. It's 6-3/4 inches tall

weight: almost 1.5 kg by itself

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