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Miniature murano glass bottle

  • $000 CAD

A miniature Murano glass vase or narrow necked bulb bottle - this little vase / bottle has been made with a clear glass bottom and a frosted glass top half. The assymetrical neck is long and lean. The glass is very thin and the bottle is amazingly lightweight. The sticker underneath reads: F&M Ballarin, Murano - made in Italy. In perfect condition. Size: 2-3/4 inches diameter, 3-1/8 inches tall
F&M Ballarin
"Our firm was founded in Murano in 1956 from the collaboration of the brothers Francesco and Mario Ballarin, who dedicated their entire careers to the creation of handmade glass objects, by using ancient techniques passed down from the previous centuries. Francesco and Mario have been using many techniques such as: molatura, glass engraving and glass blowing, in order to create unique pieces of art, in many different styles."

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