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Original oil painting by Rose Schul

  • $20000 CAD

A framed original oil painting on canvas by Canadian artist Rose Schul (1922 - 2010). This subject of a burnt or dead tree in a quiet corner of the forest seem a slight unusual for her 'normal' style of work - which is more idyllic. The painting has been signed in black in the lower right corner. In good condition.

Size: 21-1/4 x 17-1/2 Inches. Canvas size: 16 x 12 inches


"Born in Czechoslovakia, Rose immigrated to Canada in 1953. Three years after moving here, Rose began painting inspired by her memories of her father and his painting techniques. She used those vague images to slowly but steadily develop her own talent and her own style. Rose resided in the country where she received most of her inspiration from the nature around her. A prolific painter, her originals can be seen throughout Canada and the U.S.A."

Reference: Uxbridge Capel, Ontario, Canda

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