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Persian patch box, vintage hand painted trinket box, ring box, powder box, handpainted chogan polo game miniature on mother of pearl

  • $000 CAD

Exquisite vintage Persian patch box, ring box, powder box, trinket or snuff box. Engraved brass, with a central miniature painting on the lid, hand done on mother of pearl shell. There is a mirror inside the lid. The paintings are depictions of a polo match, called 'Chogan' in Persian.

Beautiful condition with signs of use as you would expect from an item with some age. no major dents or scratches on the outside, the painting is still very clean and bright. On the inside we see a silver metallic colour instead of the yellow of the brass on the outside, the mirror is intact and the bottom of the box shows blackened patches where some objects, including a button, have once lain.

It would make a lovely ring or trinket box, desktop accessory, as well as a useful container for anything else.

diameter: 6.5 cm
height: 2.8 cm

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