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Real ebony match holder, ebony tooth pick holder

  • $3500 CAD

A sweet little ebony match holder or tooth pick holder, this black wooden pot has been made around the 1900's. Simply turned, the clean lines will suit a range of different decors - have it in the bathroom or living room as a toothpick holder, or in the office to hold a few pens or pencils. Ebony is quite a heavy wood, so it won't tip over that easily. Marked 'real ebony' (faded) underneath.
"Although used by 18th and 19th century English cabinet makers and box makers, Ebony tended to be more favoured by their continental counterparts. Because of costs and overlogging, they stopped the commercial use of ebony at the start of the 20th century. Ebony is still an exceedingly rare and valuable tree species that continues to face extinction."
Condition: great with a few small signs of age and use.
Size: 1-11/16 inch diameter on the foot (the opening on top being 1-5/16 inches), 2-1/4 inches tall

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