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Trifari Virgo Zodiac Charm

  • $11000 CAD

The Trifari Virgo zodiac charm was first introduced in 1954. The nude figure is kneeling with her left hand on a star. She is surrounded by concentric circles, the most horizontal one has the symbols of all 12 zodiac signs to the top and 'Trifari - Virgo - Aug 23 to Sept 23' on the reverse. The frames are attached to each other at slightly odd angles, so that when looking at the charm as a whole it is not quite spherical. The figure has been finished in a gold tone. Originally these kind of charms were meant to be worn as a single piece on a bracelet but it is easily large enough to be worn as an eye-catching horoscope pendant. It has a small o-ring clasp to the top, to allow for easy attaching and removal of the charm. It would make for a great bridesmaid gift, or why not style your own boho charm bracelet in the vain of Jackie-O?
Condition: Good with small signs of age and use to the gold toned finish.
Size: 1-1/4 inch wide, 1-3/8 inch tall (without the clasp)

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