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Vintage basket chandelier, crystal ceiling light, bathroom decor

  • $27000 CAD

Vintage small basket chandelier, which came from a Toronto estate. Smaller chandeliers are brilliant for decorating a hallway, bedroom or bathroom and make for a wonderful housewarming gift or wedding gift. This one has 9 crystals to a strand. All glass bits are there (some a bit chipped / nibbled, only 1 with a large chip, pictured) and the wires between the stones can be a bit further twisted or stretched, resulting in longer or shorter strands. The brass parts are elegantly cast.
There are cloth covered wires coming out the top and this light is meant to be used as a pendant light or ceiling light, attached to your mains electric supply. A re-wire is not absolutely needed but would be recommended. The central part holding the bulb is not original too the piece as it's slightly too wide, but this could easily be replaced if wished. As it currently sits it's not distracting.
Size: 18 inches long in total, 11 inches diameter
Weight: around 2.6 kg

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