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Vintage black kimono, Japanese kimono, Asian cosplay costume

  • $000 CAD

A long black kimono from Japan, exact date unknown. It features small 'mon' in the shape of flowers in the neck, on the back of the sleeves and the front of the shoulders. The outer material feels slightly rough and has a soft satin sheen to it. My best guess that is a rayon or rayon / silk blend of some sort. The inner white lining has been loosely attached with hand stitching and is a silk. The kimono overall has signs of age and wear: on the outside there is a noticeable mark on the back of the left sleeve cuff. On the inside there are a few light stains from use (around the collar area most) and stains from age / poor storage condition shown as foxing (small brown spots). There are some red stitches that look like a name in kanji. The kimono is still a good wearable item and would be great as a womans costume for theatre or cosplay. Or why not use it as a house robe or light overcoat come fall?
Please note the macrame belt does not come included with this item (available separately)
Length: 63 inches
Shoulders: 25.5 inches
Chest: ca 28 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 28 inches
Sleeve: 13 inches
Cuff: 36 inches total (18 long)
Pockets: no
Stretch: no
Lining, yes, full length loosely sewn in
Belt: not included

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