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Vintage Fire Bucket, red metal sand bucket, French water bucket, hanging trashcan, European hanging metal planter

  • $000 CAD

This vintage hanging fire bucket was picked up in the Netherlands a few years ago but it is more likely to be Belgian or French. The handle loop on the bottom is a typical feature of a fire bucket. One would store water or sand in the bucket and by using the top and bottom handle, it would allow you to quickly douse a small fire. It's great to still have the lid with this one as these so often get lost.

It is made from a galvanised metal, painted red & black on the outside, black on the inside. There are plenty of chips to the paintwork (see images) and a few shallow dents to the lid. The lid fits well. The welding on the bottom loop has let go on one side.

This would be a great item to use in the home or garage - as a small storage unit, a planter, a trash can.... you name it!

Size: (total, full length) ca 65 cm

Body: 35 cm tall, 23 cm diameter on top, 17.5 cm diameter on the bottom
Bottom loop: 9 cm
Top handle: 22 cm measured from the lid

Weight: 2 kg

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