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Vintage jewellery box, trinket box, general storage case, embellished embossed silver metal box, empty cartouche, housewarming gift idea

  • $4500 CAD

Lovely silver tone metal box (either silver plated or electro plated), oval shape with leaf pattern embossing / engraving. The cartouche in the middle of the lid is empty and ready for personalisation.

The box is lined in a dark blue. The lining itself is partially loose, which I left as-is in case you'd like to change the fabric to another style or colour. Otherwise a simple bit of glue should do the trick to keep the lining in place.

The hinge is flexible and the box shuts flush, although it does not clamp shut nor does it lock. It is designed to sit on a dresser or side table and hold those daily items such as rings, cufflinks or a watch.

A good looking box suitable for men and women alike.

Size: 11 x 7 x 4.7 cm

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