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Vintage macrame plant hanger, 7ft large hanging planter with bamboo wind chime and flat leaf woven basket

  • $000 CAD

A large vintage macrame plant hanger, the ropes hand knotted from sisal rope. It includes a tied-in bamboo wind chime and a large basket, made from flat leaves or bark, possibly bamboo. Overall in good working condition and attractive colour and shape, with signs of wear and age. With a few spots of darker colouring and cracks to the wind chimes.

Length is 83 inches including the tassels.(7ft)

The basket can be used as-is - but it might be too fragile for your intended purpose. The ropes are easily strong enough to hold another pot of similar size. 

Basket size: ca 13 inches diameter, opening up top just under 10 inches across. Almost 9 inches tall



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