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Vintage shell box, engagement ring box or wedding ring case, leopard spot trinket box, rosary holder, snuff box with pressure clasp

  • $6500 CAD

Great little casing made up by two shell halves, mounted and hinged in brass with a pressure clasp. The mountings are sturdy and the box closes well. The hinge is a tiny little bit stiff which does mean that the box will stay open by itself. Both shell halves are in great condition and semi-translucent.

This little box would be great for a special occasion (like a engagement or wedding ring box?), to hold something special (a rosary?) or for everyday use such a storing little trinkets, bobbin pins or hair bands.

The exact age and origins of this item are unknown.

Size: 5 x 4 x 2.6 cm (not including the closure clips)

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