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Vintage typewriter, LC Smith Corona Four

  • $000 CAD

A vintage LC Smith Corona Four typewriter, in original wooden carry case. In working condition, the letters sometimes stick together if you are trying to go too quickly, or press several keys at once. The ribbon is in working order but faded and replacing is recommended. This item is unrestored and only received a light cleaning. It's very nice to see the original 'Made in England' label to the front. Cosmetically this item is in decent shape, with some discolouring to the letter and some scratches around the lowest rims (see images). The original case is present and works, even if it's no longer as smooth as it once would have been. It's a thing of beauty and would look lovely as a piece of decor, or as a little workhorse once it's received a touch of TLC.
Heavy, at almost 5.7 kg
"In 1924 the Corona 4 joins its older brother, the Corona 3. It is given a four bank keyboard instead of a three bank and yet just as many characters: 84. The Corona 3 is issued with 24 keys each with three characters (double shift key - 'shift' and 'caps'), the Corona 4 with 42 keys, each with 2 characters (single shift). The other big difference? The 4 does not have to be folded any more as the platen is behind the machine and not on top of it.
The Corona 4 is again a success, which only goes out of production when the factories are requisitioned for armaments at the beginning of the Second World War. It is meant for the home-user and is also available in colorful editions, such as green, blue, or maroon with gold."

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